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Bioelectrochemical systems for sustainable environmental remediation

Creato il: 13/06/2018
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19/06/2018 (dalle ore 11.00)

Politecnico di Milano, Sede Leonardo, Aula Beltrami (Edificio 5)


Elena Sezenna

Bio-electrochemical systems (BESs) combine biological processes with electrochemical systems, and rely on the capability of microorganisms to catalyse oxidation or reduction reactions using solid-state electrodes, as virtually inexhaustible electron acceptors or donors, respectively. In recent years, BESs with different configurations have drawn great attention as an emerging technology for sustainable energy generation, desalination, value-added chemical production, energy-efficient wastewater treatment, and bioremediation.

The seminar offers a brief introduction and a critical overview to BESs with a focus on the principles of bio-electrochemical subsurface remediation of both organic and inorganic water pollutants and ongoing research at DICA, exploring opportunities for the in situ microbial electrochemical treatment of Cr(VI) contaminated groundwater, within the Beverage project funded by Fondazione Cariplo.