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Stop Smoking

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My name is Samantha Interiano, I'm a Master student here at Polimi and I would adress an issue that has been bothering me since I started my studies here in 2016.


I'm impressed by the amount of students and staff that smoke inside the university's premises.  I'm referring not only inside the buildings but also in the common areas and now with the spring when I'm trying to enjoy for example my  lunch time  outdoors I have to be worrying about the people around me that is smoking. 


I would like to know if the University is concerned about the health of their student's and staff? And does it has ever launched a campaign to stop smoking? Or even considered prohibiting smoking inside the university's premises?


I also would like to share with you that im my home university it is in fact prohibited and student's and staff are subject to sanctions if they are caught doing so inside the university's premises. Offcourse they not only prohibited smoking inside campus but they haved launched several campings to create awareness about the dangers of smoking. And is now proud to say that they are a smoke free University.


 I, as a non smoker feel violated of my right to breath clean non smoke air. 

Finally I'm just going to mention that also in my country is forbidden to smoke in public places and people can get a fine if they are caught by the police. So it's not only my university's concern but from the government of my country. 

I'm just mentioning this as an example and to suggest to you to take into account this serious  health population problem. 


If after this you are interested in starting a campaign to stop people from smoking in the campus i'm happy to help out


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  • 21/12/2019